Antisnoring appliances

Snoring is a condition that is caused by the vibration of soft tissues and muscles of the throat and behind the tongue. This can result in disturbed sleep, irritability, tiredness and other medical complications. Experts explain the benefits of using anti snoring appliances in resolving snoring and sleep apnoea. These appliances can reposition your lower jaw and open the airway, to enable breathing.

Our easy-to-use devices are custom-made and an effective way to resolve your snoring and sleep apnoea.

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Sports guard appliances

Sports players with an active lifestyle are recommended to wear sports guard appliances to protect themselves. The appliances can minimise the risk of injures to lips, tongue, cheeks, soft tissues and prevents fracture /chipping of your teeth.

Sports guard appliances are soft, plastic, well fitted intra oral appliances, that covers all surface of the teeth. These are custom made and available in variety of colours and designs.