Prosthodontics / Dental Prosthetics 

At Dental square, we pride ourselves on delivering state of the art specialist prosthodontic care to cater your needs. An individual can experience loss of teeth due to factors such as diseases, trauma, habits like grinding or clenching. This loss may result in unaesthetic facial changes, detrimental effects on chewing and speech, tenderness on temperomandibular joint. With appropriate treatment planning, rehabilitation and maintenance of oral function with aesthetics can be restored in the best possible manner.

Dental crowns /Dental bridges/ Fixed prosthetic dentures

Crowns are often required when tooth fractures or wears off, with recurrent decay, needs additional support. Dental crowns are fabricated from stainless steel, pure ceramic, metal ceramic, acrylic and metal alloys. The crowns are permanently bonded to the teeth using a dental adhesive or cement.

Dental bridges are also fixed partial dentures, that bridge the gap created by missing teeth. The bridges are fixed to the natural teeth or dental implants for support. These anchoring teeth are termed as abutment teeth. The false teeth are called as pontic. Bridges are also made from pure ceramic , stainless steel or metal alloys.

Proper care of fixed partial denture is mandatory for the existence of crowns and bridges within the oral cavity. Our specialist advices daily brushing and flossing and recommends periodic check up every 3 months.

Removable partial denture

Removable partial denture is an alternative option for replacing one or more missing teeth by anchoring to remaining teeth. Various materials used for its fabrication includes acrylic, valplast, with metal base components made from cobalt or chromium.