Root Canal Treatment - RCT 

At Dental square, our restorative specialists are registered as root canal specialist / Specialist Endodontist. They are professionally trained to diagnose and manage disease sticken tooth as required.

Evidence assures that root canal treatment carried out by an Endodontic specialist achieves a significantly improved success rate compared to a general dentist.

Our enhanced skills and latest specialist equipments, enables us to save your natural teeth with minimum discomfort. Thus providing you with the best possible outcome.

What is root canal therapy?
Endodontic treatment or root canal therapy refers to saving a tooth in which the nerves and blood vessels within the tooth have been damaged or infected

This can be due to reasons such as:
  • Decay
  • Fracture/cracks
  • Leaky fillings
  • Trauma
  • Multiple dental treatment on tooth.

The treatment goal is to restore the infected tooth and its surrounding tissues to a healthy state. An alternative to root canal treatment is to have the infected tooth removed and replaced with implant, fixed prosthetic denture or removable denture to restore chewing function and to prevent tooth from migrating out. But none of these above mentioned alternatives are as effective as being able to save your original tooth and retaining them in the oral cavity.

What happens during root canal therapy?:
  • Once the tooth has been selected for root canal therapy, local anaesthesia is administered for achieving adequate anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia is provided, to render the procedure painless and make the patient comfortable and at ease.
  • Depending on the status of the tooth, root canal procedure will be completed in multiple visits / single visit. Most of the treatment takes 2 to 3 visits, which is based on the degree of infection of the tooth and its treatment modality.
  • During these appointments, the infected tissues will be removed using specialised files and instruments. The root canal cavity is then cleaned, disinfected and enlarged with these specialised instruments. This enables in thoroughly clearing the canals from microorganisms.
  • After the space is cleaned and shaped, they are filled with a rubber- like material known as ‘Gutta percha’. The opening of the tooth is closed with a temporary filling material, which is later replaced with permanent filling material.

Post root canal care

Following root canal treatment, your teeth should be asymptomatic and infection-free. Root canal treated teeth can be brittle in nature and are prone to fracture, so in order to avoid that , you need to fix a crown to give strength and support.

Maintenance and review
We advice root canal treated teeth to be maintained with tooth brushing and flossing. We also recommend our patients for a regular check up in every 6 months to ensure a healthy and intact teeth.

Breaking the Myths!


‘Removal of tooth is a better choice over root canal therapy’ – NO !

Saving and keeping your natural tooth is critical, as it helps you to maintain normal chewing habit, continue to enjoy wide variety of food. Thus maintaining the proper nutritional balance in your diet. No alternatives are as effective as your natural teeth. Endodontic treatment is long-lasting and cost effective than replacing the extracted area with fixed or removable prosthetic denture. Prosthetic replacement is also time consuming compared to a root canal therapy followed with a crown.


‘Root canal treatment is painful’ – NO!

A caries infected tooth can be symptomatic in nature, whereby patient elicits pain or sensitivity on chewing food. But on utilising newer technologies and aesthesia, root canal procedure is considered painless. On treating such infected teeth, pain and sensitivity subsides, and makes those teeth healthier and normal.


‘Root canal treated tooth causes illness’ – NO!

At dental square , our endodontist continuously work on educating the public about root canal safety while breaking the myth that such a therapy causes cancer and other health issues. No scientific researchers, have given a valid evidence linking root canal treated teeth and health related illness among humans. The American Association of Endodontics clearly describes and provides the public, with reliable information and knowledge regarding root canal safety on this website:

Root Canal Safety Fact Sheet
Hence, the public should make an effort to understand that there s no reliable scientific link between such medical illness and root canal treated teeth. Also treatment performed under such modern techniques and advancements, make endodontic treatment successful and reliable.